Le CPE vu des Zétazunis !

04 Avr 2006

Intéressant recadrage du problème du CPE vu par une étatsunienne, qui cite aussi WIlliam Pfaff (le très conservateur chroniqueur de l’International Herald Tribune, svp) … un court extrait :

[…] the CPE is probably as good an attempt as any to combat the crippling and demoralizing problem of youth unemployment. But I’m glad to see that, beyond the initial round of French-bashing, there is emerging a more thoughtful and interesting discussion about what the protests have to say about the harsh realities of our globalized economy. Over at the International Herald Tribune, William Pfaff argued that there was more going on than a bunch of messy malcontents causing needless mayhem in the City of Lights. Instead, he sees the French resisting not simply capitalism but a certain model of capitalism, which has managed “to take wealth from workers, and from the funding of government, and transfer it to stockholders and corporate executives.” (Coming from the Land of Enron, as I do, this description sounds painfully familiar.) This article in the Christian Science Monitor and this op-ed at the WaPo also both take a stab at putting the troubles in larger perspective.

Frankly, I’m not sure we we have to feel so smug about. The French may be rushing to the barricades over what seems like a rather modest proposal, but I’m starting to think we Americans need to get back in touch with our collective inner rebel-with-a-cause. We certainly can’t rely on the MSM, which seemed far less interested in the fact of hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country rallying in the streets last week than it was in speculations about the realpolitik of DC Republican infighting and about whether the nativist rants of CNN’s Lou Dobbs should be seen as the apotheosis of opinion journalism (I’m with Michael Kinsley in hoping not). Despite a proud history of protest and marching in this country, we seem to have exhausted our ability to muster any outrage. Maybe there’s just too much to be outraged about: from K-street pillaging to Downing Street Memos, a trigger happy VP and the bloody violence in Iraq, we seem to expect less and less from our elected officials…and even less from the appointed ones. The French seem to expect a bit more–maybe too much, maybe not. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but you know, April in Paris isn’t sounding so bad….


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